2 comments on “Ezô Menuki 蝦夷目貫

  1. Hi Richard,

    charming little menuki these. Interesting to see early gilt pieces like this in yamagane. The depth of colour that has developed on the exposed areas is lovely.

    One technical point I’d offer; the pegs are almost certainly attached by means of soldering after the forming was performed. These were clearly made using the conventional uchidashi process, you can see a detailed photo essay here if you’re interested.

    As such it would be impossible to form the pegs, by this means, as integral to the whole item.



    • Hi Ford, thanks for the link. Yes you are correct. I wrote this some time ago and have not revisited it for several years. I most likely missed the chikaragane due to all the crud in there, but there they are, very small and tucked away. The Neshi are also tubular so I will amend my article accordingly. Cheers. Rich

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