8 comments on “Owari ji sukashi tsuba 尾張地透鍔

  1. I know, this is not a serious call, I’ll make here, sorry. I was browsing through this blog. I have stumbled upon this tsuba and… my feeling was – yes, Owari, but something suggests to me, it is Edo and made for Yagyu.

    Forgive me for my ignorant intrusion… I am probably utterly wrong here.

    • I find this to be a classic Owari design Mariusz, very typical of the Momoyama period and earlier. Where and why do you see Yagyu ? It appears to me to have no Yagyu influence at all.

  2. Hi Richard
    I found a article on your Sukagawa City Museum visit
    at the bottom you said there was a catalogue do you know if i can still get one
    Thanks Dave

    • Hi Dave, you you can. I can arrange for it, but it takes some time, you have to post YEN only to the museum, and then they ship it when they can. Cheers. Richard

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