6 comments on “Japan, August 2009

  1. Many thanks to Mr Paul Gill who supplied the following information.

    The reason why there were gates on the Tokaido, other than for paying taxes, was to ensure that no women left Edo. This was to do with the Sankin-Kôtai system where all wives & children of the daimyô had to remain (almost as hostages) while the lord travelled back & forth between his domain and his mansion in Edo (to pay hommage to the Shôgun).

    Cheers Paul


  2. Hey,

    Pretty good looking guy at the Dubliner’s, which is another good place to go for a pint and a laugh. It is always a pleasure to spend time with Rich. I’m surprised he didn’t discuss our fantastic trip to Yashima where the few remaining old kodogu (about 30 or so pieces) were brought out to be admired, and even purchased. I’m sure Rich will post his futadokoro in good time. I added a stunning set of Ko-Mino menuki to my already too large collection. I’ll probably go back in December to pick up the kozuka if it is still around. Jealous indeed!!


  3. Thanks Gordon, yes, it is a nice place for a pint LOL.

    So I did leave out Yashima, but I am working on something hopefully from there and will keep you posted on that. The Futokoromono in fact follows the Japan trip post. Yes, those menuki were rather tasty, and so was the Kozuka.

    We should all be so lucky.


  4. Your hair is now silver but your face looks the same, Gordon. Was unable to find an email address for you so hope that this message finds its way to you. Thinking of all those we know in Japan and hoping that you are safe and well!

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