4 comments on “Kin Keshikomi Zôgan 金消込象嵌

  1. oops bollocks. Too many typo’s

    new version;

    Hi Richard

    It’s funny really, that some would dismiss this kinkeshi-zogan as being mere chemical trickery. Especially as the skill and delicacy that the actual katakiri implies must surely be artistry of some degree.

    On top of that the actual shakudo as well as that beautiful glossy back patina are both chemical and metallurgical “tricks”.

    In any case, it would be impossible to create exactly this sort of refinement were you to attempt to do this in true hon-zogan.

    I think they’re perfectly honest and attractive examples.


    • Hi Ford, nice to see you here. Yes I agree totally. The colour and depth of this shakudou is about as good as most Gotou work I have seen, and the gold set it’s off brilliantly. I have always admired this set, even if the fuchi does have a little ding in it.



  2. This kind of thing has been done many times but rarely done well. An excellent example, I think I have seen all the bad examples, this one Rich has to be the best I have encountered.
    Very nice.

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