2 comments on “Kachimushi 勝虫

    • Hi Tom, thanks for writing. Well it is well documented that both kozuka and kogai have been in existence from at least the Kamakura jidai. Also, reading through volumes such as Uchigatana Koshirae by the National Museum, Tokyo, we learn that Uchigatana are believed to date back also to the Kamakura jidai. Uchigatana koshirae were certainly in existence in the early Muromachi period. Sasano predated Uchigatana Koshirae back to the early Kamakura jidai but I think personally this is a stretch. His ideas are based on scrolls and paintings and for me, that is just not concrete enough.

      We do however have koshirae examples from as early as the Nambokucho period housing Kozuka documented (I suspect also kogai). We have iron and soft metal tsuba that were worn on koshirae in the early Muromachi period, and evidence of Kozuka being house in saya in the same period, so I find it hard to believe that as some stage in these early days, these accessories were not all married together on the one koshirae.

      So whilst this is really just speculation on my behalf, I do believe that many of these early tsuba have hitsu that are original.



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