One comment on “Thoughts on Cleaning Tosogu

  1. Richard,
    I agree with your comments with regards to cleaning both fittings and swords.
    For many years I have tried to stop members of the British Kendo/Iaido clubs using antique fittings and swords, cleaning them with oil, polish and sword cleaning kits.
    In the old days, tsuba where restored with all sorts of methods, boiling in every mixture God invented, but the problem started with the Japanese, most of which wrote books on cleaning tsuba.
    We all have iron tsuba with red rust, all are confused with leaving it in the webs, some say clean, some say leave.
    Sasano talks about leaving tsuba outside in the winter.
    To avoid any more different ideas, why not have a section on care within the blog, better to help, than to leave to destry items which can not be replaced.

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