5 comments on “Owari Sadahiro

  1. A very nice tsuba and congratulations.

    I have a query about the following description

    “2: Heavy tekkotsu that is carved or chiselled from
    the iron, as opposed to dense iron left in under the
    skin in the forging process. This is an unusual
    characteristic and one common to the Nidai Sadahiro.”

    From what I understand the tekkotsu is present but it
    has been removed from the hira. Am I correct? If so
    what kind of effect is achieved? Is it similar to
    tsuchime or is it more deep?

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Hi Henry, no, there is no tekkotsu to begin with, the iron is carved away to give the impression of tekkotsu, it is sort of negative kottesu I guess, created by taking away, not by an addition, as is iron impurities left in the forging process.



  3. Carving to obtain a tekkotsu effetc is an interesting technique. Is it so common that it has a special name and is a characterisitic of particular line / group?


    • Hi Arno. There are many artists, especially later Edo Tosho that are recorded as carving bones into the iron. Basically, they are not much more than dents, however the iron is worked about the edges, making the border of the dent uneven and irregular. after being re-fired this smooths it all off to a degree. Genuine tekkotsu tend to be lumps of various shape poking up from smooth iron. Of course there are also tekkotsu introduced in heavily rust pitted mimi and these can also look like dents. However when one examines the iron under a loupe, you will see the splotchy porous signs of the remains of rust. Carved tekkotsu will be smooth, as are genuine tekkotsu. They are just indents and not protrusions.

      If anyone else has any information on this I would love to here it.


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