2 comments on “Modern collections: where are they heading ?

  1. Now is a GREAT time to be collecting fittings!!! Even with the problems with fakes showing up on the market, Dealers are having great trouble moving all but the best quality fittings.

    On top of that, a lot of older collectors in Japan, some of which have Very Large collections, are starting to release some nice pieces due to the nutty inheritance tax situation/apathy on the part of their children towards their collections. These are often sold at bargain prices privately due to the also extreme sales taxes they would otherwise have to pay.

    This allows the beginning collector to often pick up excellent “starter pieces” (as well as some pretty good stuff)at prices far less than they would have had to pay only a couple of years ago, provided they remember to not take the “asking price” on a piece as what it should be sold for – particularily from dealers – business is bad for the sellers right now, meaning its good for the buyers… Remember also that if you can’t come to agreement on a price, there will pretty much always be another piece out there to purchase – for the most part, there are few “one of a kind” tsuba.

    When I re-read this prior to posting, it occurred to me that my tone might sound satirical – it isn’t meant to be – a lot of older collectors are lamenting the future of collecting because they can no longer sell their pieces for the prices they “used” to be able to get.

    This really does suck for a lot of people who bought at the top in the glory days of the compton auctions, or at the secondary top during the internet boom days. All I can say is that I’ve been there – I’ve had to sell a number of pieces for often much less than I purchased them for (though part of that is because I didn’t follow the above advice about prices). It wasn’t fun – on the other hand, it freed up a fair amount of funds which have allowed me to get some excellent pieces at reasonable prices, so…

    (Richard George)

  2. Thanks for the info Richard. ‘The clouds part’ as they say. I’ve been wondering why so many higher end pieces have been coming to market in Japan of late and this helps to explain it.
    I get the feeling we are in a trough in interest in this field. If looked at in artistic value it is ridiculously underpriced but with a limited following the prices remain low. This will eventually change and those who took their time and chose wisely will reep rewards for their endeavors. At least I hope so (LOL)!

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